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An Illustration of Hausa To English Translation Software

     The Above pictured application can translate more than five thousand word of Hausa to English langauge with meaning and example. It was purposely built to help those interested in learning Hausa language it is now available in trial version, whosoever need the trial version should contact us through this website or make a phone call thank you.

 Copy Right Difonet IT Consultants

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The image was saved by Snapchat users over 4,000 times using the app’s screenshot function and later shared on other platforms including Instagram and Twitter.

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In the fall, Apple released its iOS 8 operating system to the public for the first time, bringing new features and enhancements to a number of devices including the iPhone 6

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Comment posted by Michele ( mimisallmusichotmail.com ), 04/04/2010 at 6:12pm (UTC):
Wonderful wor my friend I wish you the best in your endeavors.

Comment posted by sweethope( sweethope_lovefaithyahoo.com ), 01/18/2010 at 12:58am (UTC):

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